OATH based OTP generation

This application will generate up to 99 one time passwords, using the standard event based HMAC-SHA1 algorithm. You can use this to test software that uses OTP devices for validation, all OATH compliant devices that use this algorithm should produce the same results as this application. This application is based on Obov (an OTP Java based library).

For more information regarding OATH see http://www.openauthentication.org.

The secret key of the OTP device, it must be a 40 character long hexadecimal string. The default value you see below is a valid sample.

The system will generate all passwords starting with this moving factor until the "Moving factor to" value (inclusive). The moving factor (or counter) determines how many times the OTP device has been used, and therefore each different moving factor yields a different password.

Note that the system will only generate the first 99 valid passwords in the range.

The generated passwords desired length, the most common values are 6 and 8.

Select wether a checksum should be added to the calculation, if you are unsure what this is, leave it at "No".

Enter the truncation offset used for the calculation, 16 forces dynamic truncation. If you are unsure what this is, leave it at 16.